Finding the Top Classic Car Auto Insurance Company

If you have a collector car then it is bets to purchase insurance from a classic car insurance company. Classic cars are a specific type of cars that tend to be at least 15 years old and have a value attached to them. Classic automobiles are special cars that as long as they are kept in good condition will increase in value as they age. Typically they are already very expensive when originally purchased as new or they may be a limited number of those models manufactured.

Each state has their own regulations that must be met to be considered a classic car. The vast majority of these guidelines and regulations are similar but there are a few unique ones found among different states. Additionally collectible car clubs may have even more regulations to meet as clubs may be looking for specific types of classic cars.

Insurance is important because collectible cars can be treated as an investment that will gain value over time. The most valuable classic cars are the ones that have the original paint job, no rust and are in excellent condition with very low mileage. Typically insurance rates are determined based on the mileage on the car and its condition.

Insurance quotes can be obtained by filling out information online via a classic car insurance company site. Almost all car insurance companies will offer classic car auto insurance as well as some specialized insurers. You have many different options that can be included in your classic car insurance package that includes emergency towing, reimbursement of personal effects, car show expenses, lockout, lost keys, and roadside assistance to name but a few.

Theft is a large issue with collector vehicles and you should have a strong theft policy as having your collector car stolen can be a huge loss in assets. For well insured cars many time the insurance company will offer a reward for the recovery of the car. Many times it is less expensive for the insurance company to pay a reward for the recovery of the car rather then pay out the actual value of the stolen classic car.

Insurance rates for collectible cars can be separated out based on mileage. Many antique cars will have quite low mileage as the collectible car is usually not a persons main form of transportation but taken out for special occasions. There is a greater danger of damaging the collectible car if it is driven frequently and this will depreciate the value of the car.

It is also possible to get specific classic car auto insurance just to cover the cost of repairs and other associated costs. This is many times based on the current value of the car and the availability of parts and a skilled mechanic that can fix your collector car. As with insuring other cars your driving history will also be factored into the insurance.

After you have received a basic quote from your classic car insurance company or companies you will need to get a more detailed one that is customized for your classic car. You should be able to customize the insurance package any way you like and if you need help you should be able to receive it from the insurance company or an outside company such as the state auto insurance.

Is Your Company Security Policy Worse Than Worthless?

One of my earliest cases as a private investigator involved a chain of auto repair shops where managers at some shops were suspected of pocketing cash payments from customers. The owner also suspected that some employees were sneaking into some of the shops late at night after the business was closed and were using company facilities, tools, and diagnostic equipment, to work on friend’s cars.

My investigation involved posing as a customer, hidden cameras, targeted surveillance, and some forensic computer analysis. At the conclusion of the investigation I was able to establish that more than one shop manager was routinely pocketing cash payments from customers and in addition to using the shop in the evenings after business hours to repair friend’s vehicles, one manager was running a late night under-the-table car repair business using the company’s facilities and equipment.

One of the suggestions I made to the owner was that he should add some protocols to the company’s security policy about how managers handle cash payments from customers and also include some rules about after hours use of shop facilities and shop equipment. To my surprise, the owner said his company had no policy. At the time, I was surprised. But since then I have discovered more and more small businesses (even some medium sized-businesses) that have no written policy pertaining to security. Of those businesses who actually had a written policy, many had not reviewed or updated their policy in many years.

The importance of every business having a security policy.

Very few businesses in the United States are mandated by law to have a security policy. Establishing a policy is not likely to solve security problems but it is an important starting point. A well-crafted policy provides a framework for identifying security risks and outlines how the company plans to protect those assets. It is also an unequivocal announcement from management that the company has a serious commitment to security and is a way for the company to commit to taking steps to secure assets and keep personnel safe and secure.

Often policies are a mishmash of rules and procedures, guidelines, and maybe some standards, all rolled helter-skelter into one document and called a “Security Policy.” There is a difference between policy, guidelines and rules, and procedures, and these distinctions are not just academic.

In brief, policies are overarching principles from management and are meant to establish a tone and influence behavior. Standards are levels of quality or achievement and typically involve industry “Best Practices.” Guidelines are statements meant to guide behavior. Rules tell a person what to do or not to do in a specific situation. Procedures are a fixed way of doing something.

Rules and procedures are important parts of a well-crafted policy, but the policy must come first. Standards flow from the policy and guidelines and rules flow from the standards. This is followed by procedures.

Effective policies form the foundation of the company’s entire approach to security and creating a practical and effective policy is not something best done on a whim or by someone who lacks the skills or motivation to do it right. Crafting an effective policy involves insightful planning and numerous sequentially layered steps. Often it is best to hire someone who has experience in security policy development to tackle the task or at least provide assistance.

Good policies come in many shapes and sizes but the basis of a well-crafted Physical Security Policy includes:

* ASSET IDENTIFICATION. Identifying the assets that need protecting

In a physical security setting this includes buildings, parking lots & other premises, interior rooms & offices, points of entries, inventory, equipment, and many other things.


Effective asset identification should be coupled with an asset vulnerability assessment as not every asset requires the same level of protection.


What is the plan to protect specific assets?


Who in the company needs security training and what type of training is best?


How will the effectiveness of the security policy be measured? How often will the security policy be reviewed and modified as needed?

Once these elements are articulated and documented in a properly structured Security Policy, then (and only then) should standards, guidelines and rules, and specific procedures be developed that support the overall Security Policy.

The elements in a physical security policy can be expanded depending on the company and business needs. Often, the physical protection of data is also addressed in a Physical Security Policy and the policy is married with an “IT” or data security policy.

Is your company security policy worse than worthless?

If a company does not develop their policy through a systematic process of asset identification, risk assessment, protection strategies, training of key personnel and provide for an evaluation and review process, the security policy ends up just being a fancy document gathering dust on some manager’s shelf. When that happens, the security policy is worse than worthless.

How can something be worse than worthless? Having a policy that is a haphazard conglomeration of policy, standards, rules, and procedures that just “evolved” over time or was created by someone who lacked the skill or motivation to get the job done right, creates confusion among personnel. When confusion occurs, personnel are left to fend for themselves. Sometimes they get it right – sometimes they do not. And worse yet, sometimes supervisors try to enforce rules and procedures that are not consistently followed or enforced. This results in low employee morale, Human Resource type complaints, and sometimes even lawsuits.

Businesses can minimize the occurrence of all of these problems by having a skillfully constructed and effective policy followed by practical security rules and procedures.

Reliable Dent Repair Company: Rendering Complete Satisfaction

The automobile company these days takes care of almost every need of your automobile. There are a few important things that the owner of the automobile must do in order to claim any sort of fund from the insurance company. These important things include Towing Arrangements, Shuttle Service, Estimating, Customer Progress Reports, Rental Car Assistance, Claims Handling, Insurance Company Negotiations and Direct Billing To Insurance Companies. There are a lot of Auto dent repair facilities which the automobile company provides. These facilities are Uni body, Parts Repair and Replacement, Pick up Truck/SUV Frames, Cooling Systems, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Cooling Systems, Electrical and Interior Suspension, Computerized Alignments, Theft/Vandalism Repairs, Computerized Alignments, Tire/Wheel Installation and Balancing, Mechanical Diagnosis/Repair, Air Bags, Refinishing and a lot more.

The automobile repair companies have been serving people from a very long time. There are a lot of repair facilities that they offer. They always deliver the automobile well in time and restore them to the perfect condition. They offer extended reliable services to their customers. This ensures better life of the automobile and makes it fit for future use. Also, they offer trained staff to their customers for their service. This ensures a speedy work and expertise of work. Also, the automobile repair company is developing largely in technology and utilizes only the latest technology in repairing and technical training. They offer the latest technology and expertise to their customers. They make sure that their technicians offer a gold-class service to customers. They try their best to meet the expectations of their clients. They have a dedicated team of people which try to organize work in a proper manner. The basic aim of the automobile repair company is customer satisfaction. They put in a lot of effort to satisfy their customers. They also offer a lot of services for Paint and body repair.

The automobile repair company always keeps their services update and make sure that the customer does not bear any inconvenience. They offer the cheapest repairing options to their customers. Thus, they offer a lot of services to their customers and make sure that they are being used properly. This is one of the best options to get your automobile repaired. This will help a lot in day by day usage of the vehicles. The automobile repair company also offers services round the clock. They also promise their customer the best deal in the best price possible.

Additional Services That a Dependable Towing Company Should Provide

A large number of vehicles on the road demand a more sophisticated towing services which is capable of providing full roadside assistance’s. A roadside accident requires immediate assistance from a recovery service in order to clear up the road and to transport wreckage to an allocated place. Companies in this business usually use tow trucks to carry out different operations. However, they should have skills and tools to assist every kind of road incident.

Unavailability of an auto mechanic would turn a minor repair into a huge problem. In this situation, the best deal is to call a roadside service to get immediate help. Towing services are not limited to towing objects, they also provide services such as:

1- Technical assistance; Towing company should provide technical assistance’s to people in needs. It could be a telephonic assistance regarding safety measures and pertinent information

2- Emergency fuel; People, most of the time, do check their fuel meters before traveling. However, sometimes it happens that we forget to check fuel bar before going to the office or in a meeting. A roadside service is supposed to provide emergency fuel.

3- Locked vehicle assistance; What if your car is locked mistakenly. In this situation, there must be a nearby vehicle recovery service ready to help out. It is better to call professionals rather than damaging a vehicle in the unlocking process. Towing professionals have the necessary tools to fix this problem quickly.

4- Boosting; A car battery is boosted when it runs out of power and cause inconvenience. Battery-boosting service is also a part of towing services. Make sure you either know how to do this or call a professional to do it for you. It can be risky to fix the leaking or damaged battery.

5- Tire change;There must be a vehicle recovery service nearby ready to help you out. However, you should have proper tools and understanding. If you do not have tools or experience, you should get immediate help from a reliable roadside service.

6- 24/7 availability of service; Something bad can happen on busy roads anytime. Vehicle recovery service must make sure that it is available round the clock to provide prompt service.

These are some of the value added services that a towing service can provide to its customers. Apparently, these services seem trivial, however, they are of great importance. In simple words, a towing company should be able to handle all kinds of roadside issues. Make sure you call a reputable towing service in order to save money and time.