Get Affordable Car Insurance Rate Online

If you are seeking car insurance, probably the most affordable car insurance rate can be found online. If you are a masochist you might prefer to trudge the city streets seeking out auto insurance offices offering affordable rates, but this could get a bit wearing after a while, especially if your policy expires in winter and you are continually having to edge between the piled up sludge on the sidewalk and the Santas rattling their tin cans at you.Even the prize of an inexpensive policy rate might not be worth that. The Santa might cost you more than you save! There are better ways, and the best of that is to seek your auto insurance online. Not only can you do so in comfort with nobody trying to screw your hard earned cash out of you (except the kids for money for Santa!), but you can compare a lot more quotes a lot easier.So, what is needed for you to get the most affordable auto insurance possible for your circumstances? Well, a lot depends on what your ‘circumstances’ are. It might be difficult for a young person to get a cheap coverage for young driver unless there are any reasons why he or she should get it. So are you a new driver, a student driver, a senior driver, a…The difference makes a difference, if you know what I mean. However, let’s look at it from the view of you just being you, and not being compared to the more fortunate (or less fortunate) souls that will naturally be offered a higher or lower rate than you will be offered.First go online. What you are looking for are companies that offer quotes from a number of different auto insurers. Each individual company will provide you with only their own prices. No company is going to give you a quote, and then let you a see a competitor’s quote that is $1,000 less that theirs – and yes, there can be that difference! They will probably publish comparisons $1,000 more than theirs, so search for comparison sites.Once you find them, then enter your details. The obvious ones are your car details: make, model, age and capacity (that means cylinder capacity, not the number of people it can carry!).You will then be asked for deductible, and make that as high as you can afford if you want a cheap auto insurance rate. The deductible is what you pay before the insurer has to pay, and they like that to be as high as possible, so take what you have to pay for the repair into account in their price.The most affordable rates at the time you buy it might cost you dearly if you opt for too high a deductible. In the USA, most states have minimum cover for such variables as uninsured drivers cover that covers you if you are hit by an uninsured driver. It’s not fair that you should have to have that since it should be like the British cover where your comprehensive insurance covers you for every reason for damage to your car.An easy way to get affordable or cheap car insurance is to take all your insurances out with the same company. Your car, your partner’s car and your home insurance. That is sure to get you a lower rate car insurance, and if you are female then you can negotiate a cheap ins policy for woman if you have a good driver’s record.There are many things you can do to get an affordable car insurance rate and every one that you are aware of can reduce your car insurance price that little bit lower. So go for it!

How to Properly Wash a Car

Car WashingThere is a lot that can be said about a clean car. If you are anything like me, you enjoy a clean car and when you drive it, you feel more noticed. Did you know that some car washing supplies can cause damage to your car?Lets look at what can cause damage and what damage that might be. First, the actual soap. Have you ever used, or regularly use dish soap to wash your car? A lot of people do. I have myself, but only in special cases. Dish soap as a car wash agent is very corrosive. Dish soap is designed to be that way, so it can remove that thick grease from your dishes… but that also translates to very strong chemicals that eat through the protective waxes and sealants you spend so much time applying to your car. The special case I use it in is only if I want to remove the wax layer, which is when you are looking to polish the car, you want to remove that wax layer only at that time. Dish soap also dries out the rubber trim on your car, is very hard on the plastic too… so just don’t use it. Use only a car wash soap, it is far less corrosive and won’t damage your finish. The only alternative I would use is a baby shampoo, the plain old cheap baby shampoo, it is filled with wax ( no tears ) and actually fairly safe on your car.Next is the actual rag, sponge, or whatever you use if you wash it by hand. The only wash mit you should be using is a micro fiber cloth or mit. The sponges , towels, brushes, etc, will all carry the dirt and grit on the surface and often cause more fine scratches as you wash it. Micro fiber traps the dirt inside the fiber and pulls it away from the surface. Much safer on your paint.Drying you car also requires a good micro fiber cloth. The old Chamois is just not the best thing anymore. I think micro fiber drying towels do a far better job too.Car Washing TipsThere are good ways and bad ways to wash a car. The best is to do it by hand with the proper micro fiber wash mit or micro fiber covered sponge and using the 2 bucket method. This is method to wash your car is simple, 2 buckets. One has your hot water and soap mixture and the second has plain hot water with no soap. The second bucket is you rinse bucket. You do it like this, start with the soap, get as much water and soap into your mit as you can, wash the car from top down only, in layers really. Then after each section, rinse the mit in the rinse bucket, this removes any large particles and dirt that you just washed off the car. Then go to your soap bucket and use the clean soapy water with your now cleaned mit and wash the next section. This helps to prevent your wash water from getting too dirty and keeps any dirt of grit off your wash mit as well. Then rinse each section off with your water hose as you go along, never let the soap solution dry directly on the paint, it will leave a very obvious water stain that you will just have to wash off again. Dry the car as soon as you are done.Other things you need to consider is the wheels and wheel wells: It is a great idea to actually wash them first. You can use a wheel brush for the rubber and rims, but make sure it is designed to be a wheel brush and not any old brush you can find around the house. Completely wash the wheels wells, rubber and rims, then change your water and go ahead and wash the rest of the car as described above.Other things that damage your finish: Any automated car wash that has any sort of brush… This will ruin your paint, trust me. Those brushes are NOT micro fiber, they are a heavy grade material designed to last a long time, which means they are not soft enough for your paint. They will leave your paint faded and scratched and it will take you many hours to fix it by hand polishing all those scratches out. Or it might cost you a few hundred dollars to have someone else detail it for you. Also, for the manual wash bays, never use the brushes in them either, those are usually made of a plastic and also scratch your paint… you may only use them on your rims and tires… nothing else.Proper car care and washing does take a little time and the proper tools, but it will extend the life and value of your car for many many years. In the long term, simple things you do now to prevent damage will keep your car and it’s finish looking great.If you already have the scratches from previous washing techniques, then it can easily be corrected by polishing it yourself or taking your vehicle to a professional auto detailer to take care of it for you.Later.

Best Tips for Effective Car Insurance Comparison

Tips for Car insurance comparisonTo help make sure you get the best from your car insurance comparison research here are just a few useful tips.1. Go onlineThere are some very easy to use insurance comparison websites that can take all of the hassle and stress out of comparing policies. These comparison websites can offer products from all the leading insurance companies and also some of the smaller independent providers. This gives you a vast range of policies to choose from at just the click of a button.2. Be PreparedBefore you start looking at insurance comparison websites you do need to have the some basic information ready to go. In order to return relevant quotes you will need to input certain details which can include:· Your Details- insurers will request a few personal details (name, address and telephone number). You will not have to provide any financial details such as your bank account or credit card number at this stage so be wary of any website/provider that requires these details before you can continue.· Driving History- you may need to provide information about your driving record including how long you have been driving and if you have any points on your license or driving related convictions.· Car Insurance Record- You may also be asked to provide a full record of your car insurance history including the policies you have owned, any claims you have made and your no-claims bonus quota.· Car Details- you will be required to provide details of your car before you can get quotes for car insurance comparison. This includes the make, model and registration number. Also you may be asked to provide the estimated value of your car (you can check this by looking at similar cars for sale), your annual mileage, where you keep your car when not in use (driveway, street parking or garage) and also the vehicle use (domestic, commuting, work).3. Be HonestIt can be tempting to misrepresent your information when it comes to car insurance comparison. For example security is a big issue with car insurance and you can save money by making sure your car is protected against thieves. This means that if you tell your insurer you have an installed an alarm and park your car in a locked private garage you could get lower premiums.However if this is not true and your insurance company find out any claims you make will be invalid and your policy will be cancelled. It could also be very difficult to get insurance in the future. Only ever state the facts on your insurance application form and when you request quotes for car insurance comparison.